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CHU 154: Pisspot

IT’S A DRINKIN’ PODCAST! I love how silly we get during these episodes while discussing work, sex, pride, computers, strip clubs, candy, alcoholism, pizza, marriage, fighting, intelligence, and bad behavior. Episodes discussed: 71: Danny Yale's Mom is a Bad Parent 745: Mac Daddy w/ Brother Love 976: Frienemy w/ Jeremy and Giulia Rozzi 1198: Bobbie Johnson w/ Doug Stanhope 1408: Pizza Be With You w/ John F. O'Donnell 1603: The Sanctity of Marriage w/ Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane 2650: Have a Good Life w/ Brandon Collins and Mike Brown 2880: #WeToo w/ Casey James Salengo 3548: HOOAH w/ Rojo Perez June 7, 2024


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