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Kaytlin Bailey

Comedian best known as the writer and star of the one-woman Fringe Festival show Cuntagious
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KATG 2770: The Oldest Profession

with Wendi Starling and Kaytlin Bailey – Prostitution vs. wage slavery and the fetishes of the wealthy; Billy Bush’s non-apology revisited; drinking problems; Christmas with the ladies; the glitter ban; how to behave in public as a hooker December 6, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — By Hook Or By Crook: Wendi Starling and Kaytlin Bailey of The Oldest Profession podcast are in studio
  • — Gaslighting A Nation: Wendi and Kaytlin give their takes on Billy Bush and his non-apology
  • — Dreadful, Existential Angst: Kaytlin got drunk and applied for multiple international comedy festivals that she can’t afford to travel to. Wendi discusses her non-sobriety.
  • — Wifed Up: Kaytlin is in a serious relationship and is going home for Christmas with her boyfriend. Wendi is dating her sugar daddy.
  • — Diamond Dogs: The ladies talk about the kinky fetishes of the wealthy
  • — A World Of Magic: Scientists are calling for a ban on glitter worldwide because of the environmental impact
  • — Status Signaling: The ladies explain how prostitutes are expected to behave when in public with their clientele


Wendi and Kaytlin
Wendi and Kaytlin

Wendi's sex slave, sopping up her DNA
Wendi's sex slave, sopping up her DNA
Scientists want it banned
Scientists want it banned
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