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Justy Dodge

Comedian and winner of Time Out New York's Joke of the Week competition.
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KATG 3822: Finding Peace (FUCK YOU!) w/ Justy Dodge

Juuusssssty Dodge! The duo talk love long-distance, Pat Dixon, reiki, and finding peace. May 30, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — 0:00 Justy Dodge’s Valentine’s Day break-up/Celebrity break-ups
  • — 13:00 Keith’s long-distance relationship
  • — 19:28 Pat Dixon revisited
  • — 22:50 Dating a civilian
  • — 24:55 Tattoos and tattoo artists/people judging - shit, I mean - people watching. People watching.
  • — 29:55 Reiki, therapy, and comedy/Positivity
  • — 39:50 Dog walking, your favorite cheese, and a nice Keith


Justy DodgeJusty Dodge


Worse than cutting
Worse than cutting
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