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KATG 3772: 2024 24-Hour Marathon: The Beginning w/ Christian Finnegan, Chris Turner, Chaz Kangas, and Rojo Perez

HI, KIDS! KATG discusses preparing as a Talk Athlete, the death of Carl Weathers, and the big announcement: The Dad Emails book is in people’s hands! Christian’s various family members were scammed by cyber con artists, his dad had infected scrotum growth; and, Best New Guest Chris Turner improvise raps it all. Again and again. Also, be careful if you hire Rojo for anything other than being a comedian; and, stop fucking over Chaz! Also, Chemda reminds us how adults are still the same as children. February 6, 2024

Show Notes

  • — How to Be a Talk Athlete
  • — Carl Weathers, RIP
  • — The Dad Emails book is in people’s hands!
  • — Christian Finnegan’s scammed family members
  • — Infected scrotum growth
  • — Rojo Perez’s truck crash revisited
  • — Chaz Kangas vs. His Boss

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