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2975: 2 Girls, 1 Keith w/ Andrea Allan

85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg's broken ribs; who you will marry; El Chapo and how to get out of jury duty; John Leguizamo vs. Keith Malley: Latin History for Morons; Louis C.K.'s 70-minute Paris performance; Donald Trump vs. Lil Jon; Andrea's KATG influences November 8, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Breaking News: We have Andrea Allan in studio discussing the great Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent injuries
  • — Mate For Life: Statistics have come out claiming that if you are 16 years old or older, you most likely already met the person you will marry
  • — Hugs Not Drugs: Notorious drug lord El Chapo, né Joaquín Guzmán, is seeking court permission to hug his wife
  • — Light Bulb Head: The gang discusses watching John Leguizamo workshop his new Netflix special Latin History for Morons
  • — Lucky Louis: Louis C.K. performed 70 minutes of stand-up in Paris, where he confirmed he's dating French comedian Blanche Gardin
  • — Confusion Tactics: Donald Trump claims he has never, in his life, made racist remarks, and that Lil Jon is lying when he claims Trump regularly referred to him as Uncle Tom on The Celebrity Apprentice because, despite spending a season together on camera, they've actually never met
  • — Toxic Masculinity: The gang discusses the controversial portion of Andrea’s comedy album and the even more controversial cover photo she just shot
  • — Herstory: The gang discusses how KATG has been an influence on Andrea and her stand-up. The group reminisces on the early days of Keith and The Girl.


Andrea AllanAndrea Allan

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