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2971: Kentucky by Choice Part II w/ Shalewa Sharpe

Time change; happily married people that hit on you; Chemda's second tattoo; DMV employee dresses as a sloth; Keith's childhood punishments; No Nut November; The Great Kentucky Debate November 4, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Tick Tock: We have the sarcastic and sweet Shalewa Sharpe in studio discussing her fascination with clocks and how she handled the time change
  • — Sliding In: A yard worker that Shalewa hired in 2011 found her Facebook and messaged her at 4:30 am though he is happily married with children
  • — Post Malone Over Here: Chemda is ready for her second tattoo. The gang talks tattoos and potential permanent mistakes.
  • — Art Imitates Life: A Utah DMV worker dressed up as a sloth as a nod to the character on Zootopia. The gang recalls Keith's childhood punishments.
  • — Edging: Unlike Movember, No Nut November is another stupid challenge for men
  • — Button Pushing Bitch: The gang revisits The Great Kentucky Debate and Keith reads listener Yannie Ann's brand new email

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