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2967: Halloween, Pipe Bombs, and AR-15s w/ Liz Barrett

11 killed in Pittsburgh synagogue; 14 pipe bombs sent to prominent democrats; Megyn Kelly fired for supporting blackface; Louis C.K. now a regular at the Comedy Cellar; Bill Cosby surviving prison; Halloween 2018 reviewed October 28, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Gettin’ By: We have Liz Barrett in studio, ready to host the newest Flavor of the Month show
  • — Good News/Bad News: The Pittsburgh Steelers are #1 in their division, so that's nice. In horrible news, 11 people were killed and at least 6 injured by 46-year-old Robert Bower who opened fire in a Pittsburgh synagogue.
  • — Van Down By The River: Floridian Cesar Sayoc was charged with sending 14 pipe bombs to prominent democrats including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
  • — As Long As It’s Respectful: Megyn Kelly was fired from her NBC talk show for her ardent defense of blackface
  • — Drop By: Louis C.K. continues to perform at the Comedy Cellar, and he is now addressing his allegations in an offhanded manner
  • — Parade Of Dicks: 84% of KATG listeners believe Louis C.K. will soon be out of the woods, and 43% think Bill Cosby will survive prison
  • — Are They The Same?: Keith reviews the 2018 film Halloween and discusses the history of the franchise and it's competition Friday the 13th
  • — Anti-Social: Liz shares tips for avoiding children during Halloween week


Liz BarrettLiz Barrett

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